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my name is Joshua and I ️ Technical Support!

About Me

• De-escalation
• Relationship Development
• Solution Design
• Transparent Communication
• Technical Troubleshooting
• Project Management
• Creativity & Innovation
• Training & Mentorship
• Collaboration & Teamwork
Dedicated Technical Sales & Support Professional with a proven track record of driving client success through effective relationship building, innovative solutions, and exceptional service. Leveraging technical proficiency and collaborative leadership to deliver optimal results in the SAAS industry. Passionate about exceeding customer expectations and driving revenue growth.

Work Experiences

Technical Account Manager
As the inaugural Technical Account Manager (TAM) at Prokeep, I collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, reporting directly to the COO. Specializing in driving enterprise adoption, I guide clients through onboarding, provide technical expertise, and serve as a trusted advisor. My role encompasses seamless integration, enhancing product understanding, and contributing to Prokeep's growth through new sales and expansion opportunities. I prioritize impactful customer interactions, adding substantial value to their day.
Sr. Technical Enablement Manager
  • Spearheaded cross-functional technical enablement initiatives, driving revenue growth and client retention through interdepartmental collaboration, streamlined processes, and empowerment across Sales Engineering, Onboarding, Customer Success, and Partnership teams.

  • Conducted a thorough audit of sales demo tools, revealing disparate regional usage. Led consolidation into a single environment, aligning resources and updating assets for efficient enablement. Spearheaded cross-functional certification program, optimizing adoption and proficiency.

  • Created comprehensive product fundamentals course, addressing GTM onboarding challenge. Implemented tiered training model, maximizing efficiency and ensuring role-specific training aligned with branding and messaging strategies.

  • Articulate
    Sales Engineer Manager
  • Acted quickly to hire, onboard, and develop the skills of two Sales Engineers. Tracked performance and progress via 1:1 meetings. Enabled the company’s sales engineering team to scale capabilities. Improved the size and win-rate of deals within the first year.

  • Joined a group of stakeholders to devise a solution to stakeholder engagement during calls/meetings. Eliminated the guesswork out of inviting the correct team by rolling out a new process with backend automation. Saved the sales team members’ mental load and time for more meaningful tasks.

  • Enabled the sales enablement team to move toward a more proactive approach when customers needed to merge accounts. Drafted a one-pager and accompanying video for administrators to review the proper steps to take for a clean data merger. Reduced the number of customer-facing issues by 80%.
  • Articulate
    Sales Engineer
  • Pioneered the Sales Engineering organization and served as the sole Sales Engineer to support two SAAS products globally across multiple verticals. Earned MVP of the Revenue department by peer nomination. Assisted in closing a large number of deals within the first year.

  • Aligned the sales and technical departments with knowledge related to products/solutions. Created online training courses and facilitated training courses via Zoom. Incorporated the training as part of standard onboarding.

  • Met with customers and supported development for two sought-out Salesforce integrations. Enabled stakeholders to understand what customers were asking for and the monetary impact of the features. Developed alternative authentication methods for users without email addresses.

  • Gained an understanding of a large, frustrating customer issue related to bugs and errors. Regained trust by prioritizing bug/issue resolution with the support team. Saved the account and avoided a $70k ARR loss.
  • Articulate
    Senior Technical Support Engineer
  • Proactively identified that the client services team was not adhering to the company’s data retention policies. Audited and extensively mapped the flow of customer files throughout various systems. Built API-based automation using Python scripts that automatically purged data according to the policy. Ensured compliance with GDPR standards.

  • Constructed a unified set of internal tools that matched the functionality of sites. Incorporated processes for utilizing the tools that integrated into the Salesforce solutions database. Enabled the use of unified, branded solutions for the client services team to use when diagnosing customer issues. Restored customer trust and satisfaction.
  • Partnered with a top client to understand why a large number of files were being corrupted. Turned around a negative situation and secured further business with the client.
  • Alchemer
    Technical Support Lead
  • Met with customers to understand use cases and frustration, enforce support policies, and set up plans to ensure future technical support.
  • Led a team of five Technical Support Engineers that assisted in avoiding future escalations with the customer. Restored confidence and the customer’s business.
  • Partnered with the engineering teams to set up test LMSs and with customers to implement the new system/feature. Successfully closed multiple large deals tied to the use of the feature.
  • Alchemer
    Technical Support Engineer
  • Quickly and effectively responded to inbound support inquiries. Educated customers on the best practices to utilize the app, brainstormed creative workarounds, gathered feedback, and properly filed bug requests.

  • Acted as the subject matter expert for SSO, SSL, APIs, and LMSs. Contributed frequently to strengthening an internal knowledgebase.
  • Hobbies

    Micro Electronics
    Rock Climbing
    Home Improvement
    Front-End Design

    Hard Skills




    Education & Certifications

    • 2007

      The Art Institute of Colorado

      Associate of Applied Science in Commercial Photography. Relevant Studies: Advertising, Marketing & Communications, Web Design

    • 2016

      John Hopkins University - Via Coursera

      HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers

    • 2018

      University of Michigan - Via Coursera

      Python - Web databases, web data and data structures

    • 2022

      Challenger Fundamentals - Core Sales Skills

      Advanced Sales Skills, Taking Control Of The Buying Journey

    • 2023

      Google Cloud Fundamentals for AWS Professionals

      Load Balancing, Google Cloud Platform, Cloud Computing

    • 2023

      The Complete SQL Bootcamp - Udemy for Business

      PostgreSQL, pgAdmin

    • 2023

      Sales Enablement - Hubspot Academy

      Marketing-driven sales enablement strategies

    Prior Appointments

    Customer Support Rep
    The Old City
    Co-Founder & Executive Director
    Joshua Crigger Photography
    Owner & Lead Photographer